Etude Guy Rivalland

About EGR

Etude Guy Rivalland (EGR) is one of the first law firms created in Mauritius and was founded by late Me Joseph Michel Guy Rivalland who qualified as an Attorney at Law before the Supreme Court of Mauritius in 1966 and was amongst the first Attorneys to be awarded the status of Senior Attorney by the President of Republic of Mauritius in 1994. Late Me Joseph Michel Guy Rivalland was the son of late Sir Michel Rivalland who served as Chief Justice in Mauritius from 1967 to 1970 and who passed away whilst holding office 2 years after Mauritius gained independence.

After the demise of Me Guy Rivalland, S.A. in May 2013, the latter’s daughter Me Joséphine Rivalland-Robert, having herself more than 19 years’ of experience as Attorney at Law took over the firm and her husband Me. Jean Jacques Robert (who has more than 24 years’ of experience as Attorney) has joined the office, which is one of the largest law firms in Mauritius.

We are recognized for our commitment to providing high quality legal services, and we pride ourselves on our ability to forge and maintain long term relationships with our significant portfolio of clients. EGR is presently the legal adviser of more than 100 corporate entities in Mauritius including some of the largest groups and statutory bodies such as the New Mauritius Hotels Ltd, Air Mauritius Ltd, Compagnie Sucrière de Bel Ombre Ltée, Forges Tardieu Ltd, United Docks Ltd, Innodis Ltd, La Prudence (Mauricienne) Assurances Ltée, Le Mauricien Ltd, the Mauritius Union Assurance Co Ltd, Axess Ltd, Rey & Lenferna Ltd, Birger Co Ltd, Ducray Lenoir Ltd, Mechanization Ltd, Scott Shipping International Ltd and Raphael Fishing & Co Ltd amongst others. All of these companies are amongst the top 100 companies in Mauritius.

EGR has also provided legal assistance to major local companies with regard to their reorganization and amalgamation and has also been involved in the preparation of legal documents for the public offering of shares and debentures on the local market for listing on the Mauritius Stock Exchange. These include the amalgamation of Shandrani Limited and Dinarobin Inns & Motels Co Ltd with New Mauritius Hotels Ltd, the listing of Rogers Co Ltd, New Mauritius Hotels and Innodis Ltd (ex Happy World Foods Ltd) on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius and the public issue and subsequent listing of debentures issued by the aforesaid companies over the last few years.

Over the last few years, EGR has expanded amongst others its litigation department and has specialised more specifically in the insurance field. EGR is currently defending the interests of the Mauritius Union Assurance Co Ltd in the cases initiated by the Special Administrator of BAI CO (Mtius) Ltd and the Receiver of Bramer Banking Corporation Ltd following the alleged Ponzi scandal affecting the BAI Group of Companies in Mauritius. EGR has been involved in major liability cases concerning Air Mauritius Ltd, the National Airline in which major reinsurance companies were involved.

One key actor, in our local business, involving banks and leasing companies i.e the AXYS Group of Companies has also recently retained exclusively the services of EGR for all their cases. EGR is also the legal advisor of another major leasing company, namely La Prudence Leasing Finance Co Ltd. At EGR, we have set up a team especially dedicated towards handling cases concerning leasing companies.

EGR has also been advising and dealing with the main credit insurance company namely Credit Guarantee Insurance Company which holds more than 80% of the local market.

Our team presently consists of 6 Attorneys-at-Law and 2 in-house Barristers-at-Law. Our team includes young and brilliant qualified professionals, including trainee attorneys serving their one year pupillage, as well as fully experienced Attorneys with years of practice.

We work with a number of experienced Barristers-at-law and Senior Counsel, and Queen’s Counsel.
We also employ around 20 secretaries, clerks and office helpers.