Etude Guy Rivalland

Areas of practice

Areas of practice

Aviation Law

EGR has for more than 35 years provided its expertise in the field of aviation law. Our clients include our national airline Company and EGR is involved on a regular basis in providing advice on multi billion rupees contracts as well as defending claims related to international conventions such as the Warsaw Convention which has been embodied in our local legislation.

Shipping Law

EGR regularly provides legal advice and litigation support to both domestic and international ship owners and charterers for matters related to the financing, purchasing and chartering of vessels. EGR has also represented P & I clubs in the settlement of maritime claims and has a wide experience of the application of international conventions such as the Bruxelles Convention that forms part of our “Code de Commerce” as well as the interaction of these provisions with our local Merchant Shipping Act.EGR has also a wide experience in the arrest ships for the recovery of claims as well as their subsequent seizure and sale by auction.

Corporate and Commercial

Our clients appreciate that we deliver comprehensive advice on all types of commercial contracts. Our lawyers in our office work with clients include contracts, the supply of goods and services to their customer; agency and distribution contracts,  Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint ventures, Employment contracts, Teaming Agreements, Securities for debts, Dispute Resolution and settlement agreements and Technology licensing agreements.

Furthermore, we provide a full range of company advisory services from assisting with corporate governance to regulatory compliance.

We have also facilitated the listing of entities on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius including the drafting and reviewing of all related documents.


EGR is one of the leading firms on insurance and reinsurance matters ever since its incorporation.

EGR has acted for various Insurance Companies, including one of the leading Insurance Company on the domestic market. We have provided legal advice on various Insurance contacts as well as providing legal assistance in litigation claims brought by or against Insurance Companies.

EGR is presently defending a claim against one of its insurance clients totalling over Rs. 1 billion following the collapse of one of the most important conglomerates in Mauritius.

Intellectual Property

EGR provides a wide range of services and advice for statutory IP’s including Trade Marks, Patents and designs as well as other forms of IP such as technical know-how, confidential information and trade secrets. Our services include registration, renewals and maintenance of statutory IP in Mauritius with our specialist team and the protection of statutory and non-statutory Ip’s through appropriate actions before the competent forums.

Court Litigation

EGR has a specialized team to deal with litigation before all Courts in Mauritius, including appeals to the Supreme Court, as well as appeals to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. A substantial number of cases are won on procedural and technical issues in Mauritius and EGR has considered of paramount importance to develop a team of highly specialized experts in the procedural field in order to bring the best dedicated service to its clients.

EGR has acted for 139 companies in a n appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council against Mauritius Revenue Authority following a judicial review case against a decision of the then Commissioner of Income Tax to disallow capital allowances and revise the loss claimed by clients. The appeal was allowed by the Judicial Committee.

EGR also represented an Employer’s Association in the sugar sector in a judicial review case against the permanent arbitration Tribunal following an award to decree a 40 hour week for agricultural and non-agricultural workers of the sugar industry. The Employer’s Association succeeded in its application for judicial review and the award of the tribunal was quashed.

Civil Law

Various areas of civil law such as family law, contracts, torts and succession law, land law, Landlord and Tenant Law and disputes are dealt with by our team of experts in our Civil Code and other related Acts. EGR has for instance, acted for a client who obtained the judgement claim for over Rs. 170 million against the Government of Mauritius. We have also been involved in one of the most complex and high profile succession in Mauritius which was efficiently resolved for our client.


EGR acts for two major leasing companies and has been rated by these two clients as giving “efficient and dedicated service”. EGR has an experienced and specialized team that over and above giving sharp and prompt legal advice on various issues involving leasing contracts provides diligent action, follow up and communications with clients for the recovery of outstanding claims entrusted to us.

Labour Law

EGR has provided legal advice to major domestic companies on drafting employment contracts and handling employment issues and disputes with both employees and trade unions. Our team has been involved with several disputes before the Commission of Mediation, the Employment Relations Tribunal and the Industrial Court. Members of our team have assisted Clients before the disciplinary Committees and provided valuable advice resulting in the savings of substantial sums as severance allowance.

Insolvency and Recovery

We have been very active before the Commercial division of the Supreme Court both on defending Clients for escaping insolvency by successfully defending claims and when they are due, by restructuring the debt or the business organisation of the Debtor. Our team is also widely experienced for offer the most effective debt recovery strategy thus ensuring maximum pay back for the creditors.

Administrative Law and Constitutional Law

EGR is also specialized in the areas of administrative law and constitutional law. EGR has assisted numerous companies in applications for judicial review before the Supreme Court of Mauritius and also on appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

EGR also defends the interests of two major newspaper publishers in Mauritius in upholding the freedom of the press which is part of the constitutional freedom of expression enshrined in the Mauritian Constitution and also in defending defamation cases.