Leasing Team

The Leasing Team comprises of Azhar and Niloofar who work under the supervision of Hemlata and Zubayr.

Azhar and Niloofar are responsible for handling the civil and commercial cases of leasing companies. In addition to the drafting of claims letters and notices, the team's work also includes the drafting and lodging of applications for the seizure of leased equipment and vehicles, applications before the Bankruptcy Division of the Supreme Court, and Plaints before the various courts of Mauritius. The Attorneys heading the team are also involved in advisory work, and are regularly called upon to draft opinions on a wide range of legal issues pertaining to, inter alia, the interpretation and enforcement of lease agreements.

Zubayr Hatteea Zubayr Hatteea Attorney at Law
Azhar Azhar Legal Executive
Niloofar Niloofar Secretary